Rag Morris and Folk Club

University of Bristol Union

Monday (folk session), Thursdays (dancing)

Queen's Road

Morris dancing?? You bet! University of Bristol's very own Rag Morris is in its 27th year - free-spirited, energetic, colourful, comic, fun, rarely normal. Dedicated to keeping tradition alive and up-to-date. Come and wear brilliantly coloured rag shirts, hats and bells. Dance with sticks, hankies, bare hands, and occasionally plastic chickens, to the music of accordions, melodeons, whistles, fiddles, drums, and meet our trusty hobby-horse, Rags. We'll teach you all you need to know and more besides!

Practice on Thursday evenings in the Union. Dancing at pubs and community events, festivals and even abroad! Plus a FOLK CLUB with Monday sessions! We believe we are the longest running active University morris dancing side.

Free to join.