Ritz Acoustic Club
Open Mic

The Ritz Social Club

Every Thursday

Victoria Street

The Ritz Acoustic Club is about providing a stage for anyone to come along and perform in front of a live audience (normally quite forgiving too).

The club runs a first come first served basis and we recommend you arrive early if you wish to guarantee a spot (two songs per slot).
We provide all the equipment you should need and will also mix the sound for you.

It should be worth mentioning at this point that the quality and experience of the players varies dramatically and first timers are encouraged.

The club is a music club and to that end we ask people to be considerate to the players when they are on stage, however there is a bar and it's not a library, common sense should apply.

We look forward to seeing you in the very near future.
If you can't get to the club early and would like to book a spot you can always contact us in advance.

Also look out for Our Special Guest Nights every third thursday of the month.